Mauro Palumbo

vivere la scena, fotografandola in mente

My Story

I was born in Naples. My mom, Dionea, is a teacher and a painter; my dad, Fabio, is an engineer and a photography lover. Because of my grandfather, I joint the family business, industrial technology systems. When I was 19 I used to spent time at my uncles’ photo studio, where they printed b/w pictures, hand coloured. When I was about 20, I started to get passionate about outdoor activities, like climbing and mountains.
I turned this passion into a job, using my equipment to work at height. In 2005, I got my certificate to Working at Height Safety and in 2007, I opened my first adventure park with a group of friends. That’s when I started taking pictures of people having fun. One day, while I was flying on a zip line, I smashed my first Reflex, so I had to take a break with photography. In late 2008, I attended a speleology course and the next year I started to experience the Neapolitan underground, firstly as leader for two touristic tours I helped to create, then as technician and speleologist, checking caves and finding a solution to some issues.
I felt the need to document this new reality of Parthenope. My Reflex came back to me. I met some young and not-so-young speleologists and I have to thank them for this return into photography. My loyal Reflex never left me since 2013, especially when I work at height or underground. My friends mock me for my backpack and even my partner is jealous.
My job let me see things through a different prospective. Thank to my passion for the mountains, I have the chance to see beautiful sites and to take “a mind picture”, because sometimes I prefer to enjoy the moment. Photography is my passion and now it’s also my job.

Features and future projects

Many online newspapers and books about Naples published my pictures, while some websites used them in advertising.

The writer Valerio Ceva Grimaldi inserted some photos of mine in his book “Secret Naples” (published by JonGlez). My friend Clemente Esposito did the same for his book “Il sottosuolo di Napoli” (published by Intra Moenia). On March 2008, Valeria Viscione wrote an article on her magazine “Dodici Magazine” about me as a newcomer photographer .I helped the journalist Marco Merola for his article about the prison on the isle of Procida, published on the National Geographic website. New projects are coming down the pike, but in the meantime, I achieved my first goal: the “Scatti di-versi” project. I’ve just started with the tip of the iceberg, and more is yet to come. I just need the right time to “read” all and let it out.